Port Ellen 37-Year-old

”A once in a generation cask whisky.” We are delighted to have secured some bottles of only the limited release of 174 bottles worldwide, from our friends at Diageo.

From one of the genuinely collectible closed Scottish distilleries, we have secured a supply of the exceptional single cask bottling of a 37-year-old Port Ellen.

Described by Diageo as ”One of the oldest single cask bottlings to have come directly from Islay’s revered and highly coveted ghost distillery Port Ellen. These casks are truly ’once in a generation whiskies,’ reflecting the craft, passion, and expertise of whisky’s greatest custodians.”

As one of the casualties of the distillery closures in the 1980s, Islay’s Port Ellen has gone on to become sought after by collectors throughout the world. The announcement by Diageo to invest £35 million in the reopening of Port Ellen and their Brora distilleries shows their long term commitment to these legends of whisky.  With production due to start again on Islay in 2021, it could be in the 2030s before we see any new Port Ellen’s on the market.

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