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Här har vi samlat artiklar och inslag om The Single Malt fund och The Single Malt Shop.

7 december, 2021

The Single Malt Shop release an exclusive Midleton Very Rare, 24 Year Old Single Cask

Available only from the Single Malt Shop online, comes this exceptionally limited release of Midleton Very Rare Single Cask 24-year-old. Belying a cask strength of 57.3%, it gives smooth notes of vanilla and crème brulée on the nose, leading to a taste of ripe melon and orange peel, along with sweet demerara sugar.

1 november, 2021

Japanska nyheter från nätbutik i november

The Single Malt Shop en är relativ nykomling när det kommer till nätbutiker. De specialiserar sig framförallt på begränsade och unika buteljeringar från hela världen. Detta görs från Irland i The Single Malt Funds helägda dotterbolag.

7 juli, 2021

Taking stock of Redbreast: new fund offers whiskey investment opportunities

Redbreast has been one of the success stories for Irish Distillers. Originally a brand of Jameson owned by wine and spirit importer Gilbeys, it has always had an affinity with sherry, possibly because it was first matured in used oloroso casks by Gilbeys. More recently, the limited edition Mano a Lámh was matured exclusively in sherry casks, while the Redbreast Lustau was finished or spent its final year in a sherry cask. 

31 maj, 2021

The Single Malt Shop goes live with exclusive Redbreast 22 Year Old Single Cask

A new pure play e-commerce retailer, is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Single Malt fund, the world’s first publicly listed alternative investment fund for whisky/whiskey. Based in Dublin, Ireland,, will aim to delight consumers with a wide range of rare and collectible whiskies and whiskeys, from across the globe.

21 april, 2020

How I built it | Christian Svantesson, CEO, Single Malt Fund

Whisky investment is becoming an increasing tasty option for your portfolio. We meet Christian Svantesson, the founder and CEO of the Single Malt Fund – and learn how you can get involved, too

3 december, 2019

World’s first publicly listed single malt whisky fund to raise US$26m in capital

UK – The Single Malt Fund, supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and listed on the Nordic Growth Market (NGM) exchange in Stockholm has launched in the UK aiming to raise €25million (US$26.6m).

Founded by Swedish whiskey enthusiast, Christian Svantesson, The Single Malf Fund provides investors with the opportunity to indirectly own a portion of a large collection of rare and limited-edition whiskies.

4 april, 2018

The Single Malt Fund Is the World’s First Whisky-Based Investment Fund

The Single Malt Fund launches as a way to invest in exceptional whiskies and earn a return. 

It is no secret that some of the world’s rarest single-malt whiskies have been fetching astronomical prices. In January 2014, Sotheby’s Hong Kong auctioned off a 6-liter Lalique crystal decanter of Macallan Imperiale M—one of only four in the world—for a record-setting $631,855.

20 februari, 2018

You Can Now Invest In Rare Whisky Via The Stock Exchange

It’s pretty clear that the luxury-whisky industry is in the midst of a boom.

Bottle prices repeatedly hit record numbers, and a new report from whisky market analysts Rare Whisky 101 reveals that the rare-whisky U.K. market hit £25 million in sales through auction sites in 2017, the highest number yet.

13 februari, 2018

Whisky fund offers sniff of rare interest

Whisky enthusiasts are being given the chance to get in on the booming demand for liquid gold with the launch of what is described as the first regulated single malt whisky fund.

Set up by Christian Svantesson, a Swedish whisky enthusiast, the Single Malt Fund provides investors with the opportunity indirectly to own part of a large collection of rare whiskies.

12 februari, 2018

World’s first regulated whisky investment fund launches in Stockholm

Fund is targeting a return rate of 10 per cent each year

For years, individuals with cash to splash have had the opportunity to invest in funds dedicated to vintage cars and fine art as well as the more prosaic options of stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

12 februari, 2018

World’s first regulated whisky fund aiming to provide a dram good investment

Launched by Swedish whisky enthusiast, Christian Svantesson, has launched the world’s first regulated single malt whisky investment fund, providing investors with the opportunity to indirectly own a small part of a large collection of rare and limited-edition whiskies.

1 februari, 2018

How to get rich by investing in whisky – Bye bye bitcoin

If you know the struggle of staring at an empty bank balance after a night out, you must be convinced that all alcohol can do is empty out your pockets.

Except now thanks to some Swedish geniuses who decided to take charge of things and, well, basically help you get rich. With alcohol. Say hello to The Single Malt Fund, which may sound suspiciously similar to that ’Old Monk Fund’ you have stashed away in the smallest compartment of your wallet for the last week of the month but isn’t.

29 januari, 2018

World’s First Whiskey Investment Fund Launched In Sweden

Now you can buy into the world’s first publicly traded whiskey investment fund.

The Single Malt Fund is a unique investment opportunity where investors can opt to own
a small part of a large collection of rare and limited-edition whiskeys. Unlike similar funds
that invest in the whiskey companies, this one invests in the actual liquid.

23 januari, 2018

World’s First Whisky Investment Fund Is About To Pay Off Big Time

A band of Swedish scotch enthusiasts has opted out of the traditional (and non-traditional for that matter) money game. Instead, they’ve chosen to go for something a little more out of pocket. The investment? Whisky. The ultra rare and limited kind. A whole lot of it. This unorthodox investment fund which has been approved by the Swedish financial watchdog as an alternative investment fund. And diverges from the current NYSE-listed funds which invests in the actual companies that produce whisky itself.

23 januari, 2018

You Can Buy Into the World’s First Publicly Traded Whiskey Investment Fund

A way to invest in “liquid gold.”

It’s tough to know where to invest your hard-earned cash these days. But if you’ve got a hankering for fine scotch, you might want to keep an eye on The Single Malt Fund, the world’s first publicly traded whiskey investment vehicle.

22 januari, 2018

Vergeet de bitcoin, investeer nu in dit whiskyfonds!

We weten allemaal dat je geld op een spaarrekening zetten vandaag de dag niet meer het gewenste rendement oplevert. En aangezien we met z’n allen toch wat extra’s willen hebben, gaan we naarstig op zoek naar alternatieven. Beleggen is een optie, net zoals de Stockx-beurs en dan hebben we het nog niet eens gehad over de ‘bitcoin-koorts’. Toch schijnt er een betere en veiligere optie te zijn: whisky. Niet om jezelf mee de put in te drinken, maar om jouw spaarcenten een flinke boost te geven.

Terms of agreement

The offer to invest in the Fund, as described in this English section, is only marketed towards professional investors in The United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus and Luxembourg. The Fund is only allowed to market the investment offer to professional investors of these countries (in excess of marketing toward professional and non professional investors in Sweden). No other permits for marketing the investment offer exist, so all information on this site is intended only for nationals of these markets and their representatives.
Foreign nationals of above mentioned countries living abroad can inform their financial advisors, private bankers, and alike, to act on their behalf as intermediaries. Since the Fund can only accept applications through intermediaries, it is vital that all information is accurate and correct to enable investors to become clients. The individual prospective investor and/or his/her representative is wholly responsible for ensuring that their investment in the Fund is permitted by national law.

The information on this website is only accessible through the individual voluntary proactive search for general information about the Fund.

For non-professional investors, information about the Fund is provided for informational purposes only. Information about the Fund is not to be regarded as an offer or solicitation regarding purchase of any securities related to the Fund.

The offer described on the website is not directed, directly or indirectly, to residents in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland or South Africa. The offer is not directed to persons whose participation requires prospectus, registration or other measures. The application form or other for the rights issue related documents may not be distributed in any country where such distribution or rights issue requires action under the preceding sentence or conflict with regulations in that country. Application forms submitted from such country may be disregarded. No direct applications from investors will be accepted unless through a EU correspondent bank counterpart.

I also understand that the information given in the English section for is for information purposes only. The complete legal prospectus and all other documentation is only given in Swedish. A legal summary of the prospectus is however translated and is in accordance with the regulatory approved fund prospectus.

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